The estimation of a property is a crucial step in the purchase of the real estate.

The seller has no interest in evaluating or under evaluating.
Various online techniques are now available to help estimate a good or to place it in a price range corresponding to that of the market.
Real estate valuation is about finding the right "fairest" price to sell housing at the best price, that is, at the market price. However, also as soon as possible. The assessment by real estate advisers able to assess the value of a property from different criteria that individuals do not have access to because of his market expert.
The expertise is carried out by a professional real estate expert who may or may not is registered as an expert with the Court of Appeal.
When estimating your property, we use more than 120 indicators to measure the attractiveness of your estate according to its address such as transport network, the proximity of schools, nurseries, administrations, shops, social spaces. A cultural orientation of the property, the presence of green spaces (parks), broadband Internet-fiber, sports and leisure spaces and thus anticipate the demands of potential buyers.
This service is free of charge in the case of a simple or exclusive mandate but pays for non-renewal.
It is the subject of a written report with a reference value.

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